Dinosaur Tours

South Africa has a great paleontological history coupled with in Clarens. Evidence for life during the late Triassic and early Jurassic can be seen including dinosaur bones, their eggs, and their footprints.

On the tour you will see many examples of fossils from the area and get a very informative talk on the geological history. You will then be shown an ancient river / lake bed where the trackways of multiple species of dinosaurs and mammal-like reptiles can be seen.

These Dinosaur Tours are great for anyone, young and old.

Portions of this tour are conducted outdoors, but the entire dinosaur encounter is very special and memorable, in addition to learning about the prehistoric wealth of our land.

The walking portion is short and easy, making the tour ideal for any age and fitness level. 

  • Where: Tours depart from Clarens, Free State.
  • When: Tours at 09h00 and 14h00 daily subject to bookings.
  • Price on request
  • Overnight: Stay at accommodation in Clarens, in Free State
  • Bookings essential.


  • Elsabé on 072 335 8768
  • Gideon Groenewald on 078 713 6377

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